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Unprecedented radio coverage on the importance of PPGs in General Practice

During the 2018 PPG Awareness Week, N.A.P.P. had unprecedented success in a radio campaign designed to explain the importance of PPGs in General Practice and to encourage the public to find out more and to join their PPG.

N.A.P.P. President and Chairman, Dr Patricia Wilkie, and Chief Executive, Paul Devlin, spent over three hours in the studio doing a series of live and pre-record interviews with a wide range of community radio stations throughout the UK. Some of the live recordings lasted as long as 15 minutes, generating lots of discussion with the radio host.

Patricia said “This was a new venture for us, but one that paid off very well. We were able to promote the importance of PPGs, share information about what PPGs can do and, importantly, publicise how members of the public can find out more about their own PPG. The total audience we reached exceeded 3.5 million listeners, which is fantastic!”

The live and pre-recorded interviews included the following stations:

  • Waves FM, Scotland
  • Express FM, Hampshire
  • ABN London’s Afropolitan Station, London
  • Radio Verulam, Hertfordshire
  • Forest FM, Dorset
  • Wandsworth Radio, London
  • Swindon FM, Swindon
  • Radio Scilly, Isle of Scilly
  • Radio Yorkshire, Yorkshire
  • Radio Saltire, Scotland
  • Kemet FM, Nottingham
  • The Voice North Devon, Devon
  • Black Diamond FM, Scotland
  • SFM, Kent

In addition, a pre-recorded interview was also sent for broadcast at the following stations:

  • BFBS - Active services/Barracks
  • BBC Sussex
  • BBC Radio Ulster
  • United Christian Broadcasters, national
  • Radio York
  • Premier Christian Radio, national
  • BBC Radio Wales
  • Radio Solent, Hampshire, Isle of Wight

You can hear a 20 minute podcast of highlights from the interviews here , or a shorter version of the pre-record here

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