We are very sad to inform you that Edith Todd, N.A.P.P. longstanding trustee, administrator and treasurer, died on the evening of Feb 07 following a short illness.

Edith Todd, MA, PGCE, died 7th  February 2020.   She was born, grew up and educated in the west of Scotland. She studied mathematics at Glasgow University and trained as a teacher. She eventually married and moved to England where her children, Kirsty and Bruce were brought up.

Edith joined N.A.P.P. first as a member of her local PPG, then as a Trustee shortly after she retired from full time teaching although she continued to supervise homework at a local school until relatively recently.  She immediately immersed herself into the work of N.A.P.P. taking on the work of the Treasurer. When the Membership Secretary moved to America, Edith took over that role. She was an organiser and thrived on the tasks that she undertook.

Edith also undertook the responsibility of producing the monthly e-bulletin with input from colleagues, as well as much of the administration of several conferences over the years. Edith worked in her own way and on her own and did so very successfully.  She had a system for single-handedly producing all the paperwork for conferences including delegate packs. Everything was organised with military precision. She gave excellent lectures and seminars and was good at dealing with diverse and sometimes tricky audiences.   Perhaps the role that she really loved most was answering the phone to members and dealing with their queries. She relished the contact with members and became the welcome “voice of N.A.P.P.,” a role that she will be remembered for by many.

Edith was strong willed, conscientious, thoughtful, perceptive, interested in people, kindly and such a passionate believer in the principles of N.A.P.P. and  PPGs and that patients and the practices should work together to help improve care.

We first met some years ago, when Edith drove me to a meeting in a hotel on the outskirts of Coventry. We were two Scottish ladies of similar age and background. There was such a lot to talk about. We eventually noticed that we were long past Coventry and rather shamed-faced, but still giggling, entered the meeting very late. That was the beginning of our lovely friendship.

Edith is much missed by all her colleagues in N.A.P.P., present and past, our Patron, President, Chairman, Trustees and Webmaster and by the very many PPGs and individuals who have already expressed their condolences. She set such an outstanding example of dedication and hard work that elevates the principle of volunteering. What a legacy she has left.

Patricia Wilkie


Edith's funeral will be held on Monday 2nd March at 10.30am

Guildford Crematorium

New Pond Road  




Everyone is invited to join the family for refreshments afterwards at:

Woodlands Park Hotel

Woodlands Road

Stoke D'Abernon



KT11 3QB

Please let us know at admin@napp.org.uk if you are hoping to attend.

Edith Todd

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