Best Practice for PPGs

This short film was funded by Northern Eastern and Western Devon CCG which has given permission for N.A.P.P. to feature it on our website.

It was made by the  members of the Westbank PPG near Exeter, a proactive and successful group founded in 2007.

The content  reflects the ethos and experience of the Westbank PPG and provides useful guidance on a number of issues, including

Sample Questionnaires

Best Practice for PPGs

We have extracted a list of survey questions from existing surveys within General Practice. These may be useful.

Making a PPG Happen

Here is an article from Practice business magazine which contains an interview with CEO Stephanie Varah about the effect of the Patient Participation DES and examines how practices can set up a successful group . Click to read the article
The piece can also be found here and in the online version here.